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Sweet Baby Massage & Bath Oil

Our Sweet Baby Massage & Bath Oil is one of the oils, it seems, we can’t make enough of! The sweet mixture of mandarin and chamomile makes it a favourite scent among our customers (big and little).

The essential oils in this blend have properties that are known to help calm over tired and cranky babies. Incorporating massage into a “bed time” routine is a great way to calm children and prepare them for sleep. Scent is closely tied with memory.  Using the same relaxing scent before bed can help children anticipate bed time and associate the smell with sleeping.

The mild analgesic and anti inflammatory properties of Roman Chamomile make the Sweet Baby Oil great for teething.  When added to a bath the vapors help ease teething pain.  Chamomile has been used for hundreds of years by many cultures as a solution to relieving constipation and intestinal cramping.  Mandarin is also excellent for soothing the stomach when used in massage.  By adding the oil to a bath or massaging gently into your little one’s feet and lightly over the abdomen, this oil can bring relief to an uncomfortable baby.

Sweet Baby Massage Oil

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Good Morning

I am so excited to write my first blog!

This morning is great – everything about it feels good. The sky is blue as if it could be July rather than January, my 11 month old is down for a peaceful nap, I have ideas for new products filling my head faster than I can write them, I just enjoyed a shower with grapefruit oil to boost my energy, and I am full of excitement for what 2008 will bring!

I am so happy that my little bear (nickname for my son) is sleeping so well these days – it’s amazing what a difference it makes to both our lives. He is teething quite badly, but still he is sleeping well! A combination of homeopathy, aromatherapy, and consistency on my part seem to have done the trick. I am not sure of the homeopathic remedy our Dr. gave us, but he is a genius! It seems to have helped my little bear in his days and nights – just seems to have put him back to normal after a disruptive trip across country for a month, 2 weeks of flu, and seemingly endless teething. As for the aromatherapy – I mist his cot with lavender and chamomile (Restful Room) every time I put him down for a nap or bedtime – the oils are relaxing, and now I think the smell just triggers his brain to recognize it is sleep time! At night he has a bath, and a massage (Sweet Baby Oil) – yes every night – isn’t he a lucky boy? :) If only we all got a massage every night, I think we would all be resting well and rising happy! As for my being consistent – I stick to this routine whenever possible, and try not to think of the dishes that need to be done etc., I think he must sense if I am busy in my mind -but if I can relax, it seems he can too. A good practice for me to remain present in the moment.

I think all mothers can relate to this though – remaining present in every moment is even more challenging once you have a child, yet even more important! I find that I am shocked quite often by my son’s age and development. I’ll suddenly remember that less than a year ago he was still inside my belly! And now here he is – drumming on my computer, pulling things out of cupboards, shaking his head at me, copying people’s noises (like coughing), and grinning from ear to ear even if he HEARS the camera turn on! It’s cliche I know: how the time flies.

So I am off to do some stretching before my bear rises, and I will focus on this: remain present: in all my doings, and running around, remain present because I don’t want to miss one little part of this precious gift I have been given called motherhood.

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