For those of you that don’t know,  I’ve applied to the UBC midwifery program 2 years in a row now.  This year will be my 3rd attempt.  This year they added a new pre-requisite, which I am completing through Thompson River University. The Anatomy & Physiology course I’m taking is absolutely fascinating!  It’s making me even MORE excited and hopeful about the possibility of attending the midwifery program in 2012…wish me luck!

My studies this morning are about the skeletal system, I came across a piece of information which explains the science behind our reassurances: ‘everything is working perfectly together for you to have your baby! your body has amazing capabilities, and knows just what to do to birth this baby!’

This simple paragraph will answer:

How will my body accommodate this baby (which is appearing quite large while I look down on my belly!) in childbirth?

Why do my hips and pelvic area feel sore / achy? (aside from the obvious weight you are bearing, your bones are in fact moving)

And later… Why am I back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my clothes still don’t fit?

Here’s the magical answer!

“….Joint flexibility may also be affected by hormones.  For example, toward the end of pregnancy, a hormone called RELAXIN increases the flexibility of the fibrocartilage of the pubic symphysis and loosens the ligaments between the sacrum and hip bone.  The changes enlarge the pelvic outlet which assists in delivery of the baby.” (source: Introduction to the Human Body, Gerard J. Tortora & Bryan Derrickson)

That’s right.  Relaxin is the key!  So…relax, your body is accommodating your baby perfectly.

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