I am always amazed how scent can transform a room, especially the labour and delivery room at a hospital. Generally, the smell of the hospital is sterile and unpleasant. When I open my Labour of Love Massage Oil to use on my labouring clients, the nurses and doctors in the room remark on its lovely scent. The atmosphere in the room becomes calm, and everyone breathes a little deeper.

I find myself using the Labour of Love Massage Oil, most often, in early labour. It helps the laboring woman relax her mind and release the tension in her body. Massage with this oil is also very useful when a woman has chosen to have an epidural. A massage can reconnect her to her numb limbs and quiet her mind so she can sleep and regain her strength.


Our Labour of Love Massage Oil contains essential oils of Rose, Basil, Frankincense and Juniper Berry. These essential oils are known to reduce pain in labour and regulate contractions. They ground the mind and can lower anxiety.

I often use this oil on clients who have gone passed their due date to help prep the body for labour. Due to the nature of these essential oils we recommend it not be used until forty weeks gestation.

labour of love

I never leave this massage oil at home when I head to a birth! It is one of my favourite tools to use with my clients.

~ Chelsea

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