I have recently made the move to Vancouver.  I already miss Victoria in so many ways, but have so much excitement about the forward moving energy here!  I was extremely involved in the childbirth communithy in Victoria, and plan to involve myself equally, if not more here.

The last birth I attended in Victoria was an amazing VBAC where mum had an unmedicated delivery of a posterior baby girl!  What an honour to support her and her husband in this incredible feat.  I had the honour of supporting many first time parents, and many parents who had felt disatsified with their previous birth experience and were working towards feeling more empowered and involved in their upcoming labour.  I feel such joy and pride for my clients as they each achieve their unique goals!

home water birth

In the close to 40 births I have attended they have – all been vaginal, one received an epidural (and this was a part of her birth wishes from the beginning), and one other client had a shot of fentanyl, many were succesful home births, and many were intervention free hospital births.

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of my work as a doula – the prenatal meetings I have with my clients allows me the opportunity to gain insight into their fears, excitements and dreams for their birth, and it gives me the time to educate them about ways to help achieve their wishes.  I help them prepare both physically and mentally for both the labour and the postpartum period.

I am currently accepting clients for January 2010 in Vancouver and surrouding area – so please do not hesitate to contact me for a free meet and greet to learn more about my services!  emily@naturalcreation.ca  or 604-349-6855.

From Registered Midwife Amy Brownhill:

“Emily is an extremely compassionate, creative and energetic doula.  The feedback she received from my clients was outstanding and she quickly became a very popular and highly recommended doula in the Victoria area.  Emily is experienced and well versed in both hospital and home birth.  Emily has a very calm and confiident personality; she is an intuitive doula providing a combination of directive guidance and gentle physical and emotional support.  Emily also acts exceptionally well in situations where obstetrical intervention is necessary.  She is a supportive and clear advocate, knowing when to offer additional information or choice.  She is very well educated and informed on practices to support normal/natural birth as well as common medical interventions in childbirth.”

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