We’ve been busy in our house fighting off all the sicknesses that come with winter and busy holiday seasons!  The last bug that has hit our house is a nasty chest cold, I fortunately warded it off with heaps of vit C, hand washing, and sheer determination but my kids and our nanny were not so lucky!

As soon as my baby starting showing symptoms I went out and got her some homeopathic remedies, some saline for her nose, and welcomed her natural instinct to breastfeed constantly.  Her body knows that she needs all the immune boosting properties in my breastmilk, and the skin to skin doesn’t hurt with the recovery process either.

As for my 5 yr old – he also has been getting doses of homepoathics, spaced between are doses of vitamin C, hot lemon and ginger with honey drinks, and yesterday I made him and my nanny a Decongestant Chest Rub.  Recipe to follow!

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