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Aquaborn Birth Pool

Here are some of the benefits to using water for your birth:

  • greater comfort
  • ease and freedom to move
  • reduction of pressure on the abdomen
  • can make contractions/ pressure waves feel less intense
  • helps mother to conserve her energy
  • promotes relaxation
  • can speed up birth
  • helps to relax the pelvic floor muscles
  • can reduce the need for drugs to artificially stimulate labor
  • can reduce the need for pain medication
  • water can help mom focus inward as birthing waves strengthen
  • Aquaborn pool are large enough that the mother’s partner can be in the water with her, supporting her
  • can reduce tearing

Some benefits to renting your birth pool:

  • cheaper to rent than buy
  • submersible pump, air pump and disposable liner are included in the fee (these items can add $200 to the cost of purchasing)
  • you don’t have to worry about selling or storing your pool after the birth
  • the pools are inspected and sanitized before you get them

Tell us why you are planning a home water birth and be entered to win!  Please include your due date in your email.  This contest is open to residents of Greater Vancouver and surrounding areas.  Contest closes Jan 1st 2012.  Good Luck!

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