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Music and Birth

Often people are interested in having some music for their birth.  It’s hard to choose though – you’re not sure what state of mind you will be in, or what you will need.  I find the best way to approach planning for your birth is to look for things that relax you, keep you feeling calm and centered.  If you practice yoga you will practice relaxation and breathing techniques that trigger this relaxation.  Many people use hypnobirthing to train their bodies to relax in response to certain verbal cues – this is also very helpful during the birthing time.

I was looking for some music to accompany my yoga to this morning and came across a YouTube video.  I wanted to share this because for some, this would be great to add to your birthing day playlist!

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Affirmation: Baby’s Position in Late Pregnancy

My baby moves into the perfect position for a smooth and easy birth.  I trust my body to move in ways that support my baby’s optimal position.

Photo Credit Guillermo Ossa

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Affirmation: Healthy Eating during Pregnancy

Nourishing my Baby and my Body comes easily.

I choose foods that are good for my healthy growing baby.

I am gentle with myself, nurturing my body as it nurtures my baby.

Photo Credit: Rob Owen-Wah



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Monday Morning Inspiration

“Take risks, you can never discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Found this quote this morning and had to share!

Happy Monday!


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Women Empowered By Motherhood!

I was talking with a good friend of mine last night.  She also happens to be the very talented graphic design artist who helped us achieve the look we wanted with our labels, and has now created for me a beautiful portfoliio so I can better share my experience and the doula services I offer with expectant families here in Vancouver!  Nadine Staaf is a mother, and an entrepeneur,she works both as a graphic design artist and a remarkable life coach.  She is a talented, strong, driven, and inspirational woman!  In our conversation last night I was feeling such excitement for her and the graphic design work that is coming her way, we were discussing a book she has been working on.

It just so happens the author of this book is a friend and doula client of mine.  New mom Kyla Plaxton has recently published her first book: The Little Women’s Guide to Personal Power: How to Turn Your Monthly Menstruation into the Biggest Blessing of Your Life! A book created to empower young women.  Another strong and inspirational woman with a beautiful vision and the drive to succeed.  A mother, who found the epowerment to create this vision of hers after the journey into motherhood.

Another good friend Caitlyn Letson is a strong woman who found empowerment after the birth of her child to become a business founder.  She has created a wonderful children’s consignment store with another mother as her business partner.  Together they opened the doors to Izzy and Ollie’z Childrens Consignment less than a year after the birth of their children.  They carry Natural Creation products from Belly to Baby!  Another link in this amazing circle of mom entrepeneurs supporting and building businesses together and side by side in this incredible journey of empowered motherhood.

I’ve now moved to Vancouver and am reconnecting with yet another good friend who has also started her own business.  Fantasha Kassam is an empowered mother who is an inspiration and personal trainer to many!  She runs Fantasha’s Family Fitness encouraging families to excercise together helping moms get back in shape, and encouraging an active lifestyle in our children.

I simply had to share my excitement as I watch these wonderful friends (and myself 🙂 ) build businesses and empowering lives for ourselves by following our passions and sharing our talents.  Perhaps it is because of my line of work – working with families through the transitions of welcoming new babies – but I can’t help but grin at the correlation of these women stepping boldly into motherhood, and at the same time leaping into self-employment, and achieving the fine balance of building a business, and raising a child.  The two have so much in common really, I suppose it only makes sense – we give birth to our children, and with a different kind of labour our businesses are born, we feed, nurture, love, give space, and pour passion in to the hours we spend with both.  We balance strength and gentleness, drive and patience, we learn every day of new challenges and more so of new joys!  Each one of the women I’ve mentioned is striving to contribute positively to society, to our world, and to our children’s futures.  There is something so powerful about what we are doing.

Here’s to the empowerment of motherhood, and the positive changes instigated by that empowerment!

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