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Natural Creation provides services to growing families.  For growing families: natural products, resources, doula services and birth pool rentals.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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    "Emily is an extremely compassionate, creative and energetic doula. The feedback she received from my clients was outstanding and she quickly became a very popular and highly recommended doula in the Victoria area. Emily is experienced and well versed in both hospital and home birth. Emily has a very calm and confiident personality; she is an intuitive doula providing a combination of directive guidance and gentle physical and emotional support. Emily also acts exceptionally well in situations where obstetrical intervention is necessary. She is a supportive and clear advocate, knowing when to offer additional information or choice. She is very well educated and informed on practices to support normal/natural birth as well as common medical interventions in childbirth."

    Amy Brownhill - Registered Midwife
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